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Matrixdock Integrates Chainlink CCIP to Unlock Cross-Chain Tokenized T-Bills

April 26, 2024
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Matrixdock Integrates Chainlink CCIP to Unlock Cross-Chain Tokenized T-Bills

Matrixdock, a digital assets platform that provides access to real-world assets through tokenisation has completed its integration of Chainlink CCIP—the industry standard for secure cross-chain interoperability—across the Ethereum and Arbitrum mainnets. Matrixdock is a brand owned by Matrixport.

The integration enables Matrixdock to leverage CCIP’s arbitrary messaging functionality to enable cross-chain transfers of STBT, the Short-term Treasury Bill token. Chainlink has the most proven track record of maintaining the highest standard of security and reliability in the Web3 industry. Furthermore, CCIP is backed by the Risk Management Network—a separate, independent network that continually monitors and verifies cross-chain operations for suspicious activity. This additional layer of security is particularly important given historical industry exploits and the billions in user funds lost due to insecure and unreliable cross-chain infrastructure.

“We’re excited to integrate the industry-standard Chainlink CCIP to power cross-chain transfers of STBT. By making STBT transfers seamless and secure using Chainlink, we can help support the broader adoption of tokenized assets across the multi-chain ecosystem.” – Eva Meng, Matrixdock Head of RWA

Matrixdock has pioneered a new era in finance by leading the industry in the transparency of RWA tokens. The Short-Term Treasury Bill token (STBT) is fully backed by short-term Treasury bills and pegged 1:1 to the USD, providing qualified investors with on-chain risk-free returns from US Treasury securities. STBT grants users daily access to underlying asset data and is overseen by a transparent committee of industry leaders as a third-party supervisor to review STBT's underlying asset reports. Additionally, Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR) provides real-time on-chain verification of collateral value, further enhancing the transparency of STBT across multiple dimensions.

Chainlink CCIP offers a multitude of key features and benefits, such as:
  • Time-tested security and reliability—CCIP’s consensus and messaging layer is powered by Chainlink decentralized oracle networks, which have already secured tens of billions of dollars for smart contracts and enabled over $9 trillion in onchain transaction value. CCIP also features additional layers of protection and reliability via the Risk Management Network and Smart Execution.
  • Seamless integration—CCIP offers a unified cross-chain developer experience by providing a single, easy-to-integrate interface. Developers only need to integrate the CCIP Router onchain to start building secure cross-chain applications.
  • Scalable architecture—CCIP eliminates the need for developers to write custom code for chain-specific integrations, while users can interact with any blockchain via a single interface.
  • Future-proof—CCIP is built to support continuous updates, such as the integration of new blockchains, the introduction of advanced functionalities, and the addition of other defense-in-depth approaches to security. Thus, integrating with CCIP eliminates future switching costs should new cross-chain functionalities be needed.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry-standard decentralized computing platform powering the verifiable web. Chainlink has enabled over $10 trillion in transaction value by providing financial institutions, startups, and developers worldwide with access to real-world data, offchain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across any blockchain. Chainlink powers verifiable applications and high-integrity markets for banking, DeFi, global trade, gaming, and other major sectors.

Learn more about Chainlink by visiting or reading the developer documentation at

About Matrixdock

Matrixdock, a digital assets platform that provides access to real-world assets through tokenization. It is a brand wholly-owned by Matrixport, one of the world’s largest and most trusted digital assets financial services ecosystem. For more information, please visit