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Leading Transparency for Real-World Assets On-Chain

Matrixdock pioneers a new era of finance where traditional and digital assets seamlessly blend, supporting permissioned and permissionless assets in a unified ecosystem.

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Matrixdock Products

Seamlessly swap, allocate, and diversify with fully backed real-world asset tokens, securely harnessing on-chain value.


STBT Token

Short-Term US Treasury Bill Token enables risk-free yields from U.S. Treasury securities and reverse repos. Pegged 1:1 to USD, interest is rebased to holders’ STBT balances every business day.

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Upcoming rwa tokens

Upcoming RWA Tokens

We will launch more real-world assets (RWAs) tokens in the future, with which, you can unlock new investment opportunities with our upcoming products.

Our Mechanism

Fully Backed, Seamless Access

Token pegged to intrinsic value
Token pegged to intrinsic value

All Matrixdock RWA tokens are fully backed by their respective underlying assets at all times, ensuring a stable peg to their intrinsic value.

Mint and redeem anytime
Mint and redeem anytime

Token holders can effortlessly on or off ramp via mint or redeem functions, and manage their positions confidently.

Our Mechanism
Our Structure

Bankruptcy Remoteness And Mitigated Counterparty Risk

Matrixdock RWA tokens are issued through an orphan Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure, a well-established practice in TradFi asset-backed securities issuance.

Assets backing these tokens remain entirely separate from any legal or financial liabilities associated with Matrixdock.

Our Mechanism
Our Commitment

Unwavering Transparency

Matrixdock leads the way in transparency of RWA tokens. Our upcoming products will maintain our unwavering commitment to transparency, ensuring consistency in our approach.

Transparency Panel

Transparency Panel is composed of esteemed and industry-recognized experts, who have on-demand, view-only access to our reserve assets dashboard and will receive regular asset statements from accredited brokers. Learn more >

Underlying Assets Distribution Clarity

Daily updates featuring a detailed breakdown of underlying assets for enhanced transparency and accountability. Learn more >

Automated On-Chain Verification

Proof of Reserve (PoR) feeds providing real-time on-chain verification of collateral value by third parties.

Secure Issuance of RWA tokens

Robust mint and redeem processes, safeguarding against potential risks and bolstering system integrity.

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